Weekend Music

I love the music of Madison Cunningham.  Enjoy!


Earthing…It’s Free, It’s Easy, It’s Beneficial

Today’s post from my caregiving blog…enjoy. ❤

Out of a Great Need

I would like to preface this post by stating that, first and foremost, compliance with medical treatment is a priority for our family.

Beyond that, I have found that nutrition, exercise, art, music, knitting…you name it…are very beneficial.

I also find earthing to be especially helpful.

I learned about earthing from Dr. Koniver at Mary Jane’s Farm (a very favorite magazine of mine) awhile ago.  When our younger daughter is having a difficult time with anxiety or dissociation, we have found that walking outside and resting on the lawn for ten or twenty minutes (shoes off) makes all the difference in the world.  If it is cold, we sit on a rock in our yard or lean against a tree.

We spent a great amount of time in parks when her severe brain illness initially presented.

Our older daughter benefits tremendously by swimming in a nearby mountain lake.

My husband loves to hike…

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I love Nona Gina’s recipes.  Many are easy to make WFBP.  I swap out the oil for low sodium veggie broth and I don’t add salt.  I don’t eat cheese so I just go without.  I imagine her vegetable stew is absolutely delicious as she prepares it.

I made a WFPB version of her Pasta e Fagioli over the weekend…soooo soooo soooo good!

And, of course, I have always loved cooking with Clara.  Her videos and her book helped me through an especially challenging time in my life



Helpful Habits


I can’t say enough about how much I’ve appreciated Marla Cilley,  The FlyLady, over the years…especially during the holiday season.

I shared this post on my caregiving site five years ago.

I provide full-time care.  I practice self-care for two chronic illnesses.  And life happens…boy, does it happen.  But many people live lives that require the same amount of attention and dedication for a variety of reasons.  Life is not and never will be perfect.  But I am grateful for my life and would live this life over and over again.

My home is not perfect…not even close…but Marla does not encourage perfection.  But she does discourage procrastination.  And her methods for overcoming procrastination are wonderful.  I carry them into other areas of my life as well.

I think the fifteen minute timer has made the biggest difference.  We can do just about anything for fifteen minutes…clean an area of our home, exercise, prepare a nutritious and health-promoting meal, organize caregiving responsibilities, meditate…you name it.

I am often surprised by how quickly fifteen minutes pass and how much I can accomplish in such a short time.


Follow Up :)


I mentioned the health benefits of living a plant based whole food lifestyle (while being compliant with traditional medical care) in my previous post.  I have another medical update as of this morning’s follow-up exam with my general practitioner.

My blood pressure is normal.  I was able to avoid blood pressure medication all together (it was experiencing stage two high blood pressure a year and a half ago).

I no longer have an issue with edema.  Slowly but surely this I was able to resolve this as well without medication.

All of my labs were normal including blood sugar and cholesterol.

I also want to mention that I am able to go two to three hours at a time at home without oxygen (unless I am doing housework, exercising, working outside, etc.).  High altitude is still challenging.  I have had pneumonia three times in my life, that most recent being the most challenging, so my lungs have quite a bit of scarring but my lung health is slowly improving.

If you are living with a chronic illness, I highly recommend a plant based whole food lifestyle along with compliance with traditional medical care (all of my doctors have supported me with this lifestyle).

Instead of experiencing steadily declining health my health is gradually improving.